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the purple potato project

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Kinder Garden Cooks has joined forces with organics recycling firm Natural World Products (NWP) and Patch Seed Potatoes for an initiative to encourage primary school children to get growing.

Each child will receive a bag of New Leaf Compost from NWP, which converts local household food and garden waste into organic, peat-free compost, and a newly-bred purple seed potato from Patch Seed Potatoes.



• You will have a small purple seed potato and a bag of compost


• This potato has no name yet and you have been asked to suggest a suitable name for this type of potato. He’s a brand new variety and you are the first to try and grow them!


• When you get your potato home put it on an empty egg box on a windowsill. Somewhere cool, dry and bright.


• It will grow small shoots from the eyes and is ready to plant when these are about 2 or 3cm long. (around the end of March) *Put a few small holes in the bottom of your bag of compost


• Open your bag of compost and take two thirds out. Put this in another container nearby as you will need it for ‘earthing up’ later.


• Roll the sides of the bag down


• Set your potato in the bag with the shoots pointing upwards and cover with compost (about10cm)


• When your green shoots start to appear and become about 10cm tall cover them over with more compost but let some leaves stay poking out at the top.


• Roll the sides of the bag up a little


• Repeat this ‘earthing up’ again when the green shoots have grown up again and then when the bag is fully unrolled allow the shoots to grow tall


• Keep your bag well-watered and protect from any bad frosts (set it somewhere sheltered if there’s snow)


• You will check for small potatoes in the middle of July and you can harvest them mid to late July


• They will not be big potatoes but they should be tasty


• Send us pictures of your potatoes growing, of the harvest and of anything you make to eat with them in the end


• Enjoy growing your purple potatoes and thank you for your help with this project! 


If you would like to have a go at growing your own Purple Potatoes you can purchase seed potatoes here:

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