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Sharon McMaster Crowned RHS School Gardening Champion of the Year 2016

About Sharon

With her extensive enthusiasm, commitment and knowledge, Sharon has established a fantastic school garden. All of the children participate in the gardening activities and Sharon also runs a consistently oversubscribed afterschool club to provide additional gardening opportunities. In addition to all of the gardening undertaken by pupils and staff, Sharon also runs two Saturday clubs for children who do and do not attend the school.

Judges' comments

“It’s incredibly admirable that Sharon gives up so much of her free time to volunteer at the school and give the children the chance to learn in the garden. It is clear from the endorsement of the Head Teacher that her enthusiasm and dedication is invaluable to the school.” “I love the soup days Sharon created. They are such a brilliant way of teaching children to eat healthily, enjoy growing their own produce and make a bit of money to put back into the garden. She is a very deserving winner; if only all schools had a volunteer like Sharon!” “Sharon is so enthusiastic, the school are incredibly lucky to have her. She clearly has gardening running through her blood and is committed to ensuring all children in the school have access to gardening opportunities. The amount of time she dedicates to the school is truly inspirational.”

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